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Smart Vertical Rotary Parking System

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PT. Pundit Tekno Nusantara is official Indonesia distributor of Jiu Road Parking Equipment Co. Ltd. We offers a compelling vertical, robotic parking solutions and automated parking systems to the challenge of limited parking space. The future of robotic parking solutions is now in your hands! If you own a parking lot and want to take advantage of your valuable space to increase your capacity and serve more customers, then our automated parking systems are for you! Now with our robotic parking solutions, you can park up to 16 cars conveniently in the space of two with fully automated parking systems that are fully secured and environment friendly. Easy finance and lease options available. Save on space, power consumption, running costs, and even generate advertising revenue with our robotic parking solutions! It's more expensive to build out than to build up, specially for parking lots. We brought a solution for this problem by offering fully automated parking systems. Our parking systems are packed with latest technologies addressing the growing problems of limited parking space by utilizing robotic car parking systems in areas where crime, congestion, ,zoning are problems and where land is too expensive. We have enough flexibility to work on sophisticated high-rise projects as well as small-size startups or renovations and everything in between. Our professionals are able to handle major complex projects, we listen to your needs and deliver on time and in efficiency.


The Rotary Parking System isn't just a technological product, but rather a solution for a problem that exists in our daily lives. With its great cost efficiency and economical space requirements, it also serves as a great source of revenue, generating up to 250% in rent over the span of just 10 years.

Easy Installation

No need to spend months building new stories to increase your lot capacity. After the civil work and cabling is done, you can start using Rotary Parking System in just 5-7 days.

Multiple Entry Points

The Rotary Parking System gives your multiple points of entry and exit. Rather than moving multiple cars around, increasing risk, time and labor, your operators simply use it's software to access cars.

Powerful Software

Rotary Parking System is a software-powered parking solution that makes it easy for your operators to use the system with little training, and in a short period of time.

Save & Earn Money

When you want to add spaces, you have to either build major structures on your lot or buy more real estate. We give you a third option : add spaces on your existing lot. That saves you money, and helps you earn more!

Independent Operation

The system is designed to work at all times with no malfunctions. In case of power outages, the system can work manually using gravity to bring down cars.

Easy To Scale

Because Rotary Parking System occupies such a small space and is so easy to install and move, it is highly scaleable. You can add new units anytime and as needed.

Easy To Relocate

Because each Rotary Parking Systemsystem occupies the equivalent of only 2 parking spots, you can easily relocate the system to other parts of your lot.

Little Space Required

Rotary Parking System solutions require only 6.5 x 5 meters of space, a very minor requirement. So you can increase your capacity with very little disruption.

Core Features

Fast Retrieval

1 - 150 seconds retrieval time.

Easy To Relocate

Systems can easily be moved.

Highly Scalable

Add new parking when needed.

Finance & Lease

Easy finance & lease options.


3 years structural warranty.

Significant Savings

Less expensive than building multi story lots.

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Rotary parking systems come with two model: PCX8-16D (For Sedan) & PCX8-16DH (For SUV).

8 Cars
2 Unit
12 Cars

Some Fun Facts

Conventional Parking Space
Rotary Parking System
Percent Save Space
Percent Save Money


Our Factory

Modern and High Tech Factory

Rotary Parking System, Tower Parking System, Puzzle Parking System are produce by our modern and high tech factory, ready to be shipped worldwide

Common Questions

Having been around a few years, the Rotary Parking System have already proven their worth in countries like Russia, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and China where they originated and are manufactured. The Rotary Parking System have become available in Indonesia somewhat recently and there are still a lot of questions people have about them. So here are some answers to those questions!

How long does it take to set up Rotary Parking System?

The system is up and running in 3 to 5 days, after the foundation structure is completed.

Do Rotary Parking System solutions require underground pits?

No. All that is needed for installation is a simple foundation.

How many cars can a unit hold?

A Rotary Parking System unit can hold anywhere from 6 to 16 cars, depending on vehicle size.

Does Rotary Parking System require human operation?

Only very little interaction with the user, when retrieving a vehicle. Other than that, the Rotary Parking System are completely automated. The units also require very little maintenance, so there is no need for permanent staff.

What if the power goes out?

The Rotary Parking System come with a manual backup system, so a car can be retrieved from a unit even if there is no electricity.

What if one of the units malfunctions?

The units are operated independently. The parking system will continue to work while the problem with the malfunctioning unit is being taken care of.

Can a unit accommodate full-size SUVs? offers three different-sized units. The PCX12DH unit is designed specifically for full-size SUVs and can hold up to 12 such vehicles.

How much space can I save by using Rotary Parking System solutions?

It depends on the number, type and configuration of installed units, but to get a general idea, a solution covering the surface of just 13 conventional parking spots can take up to 100 cars.

How loud are the units?

Rotary Parking System run more silent and smoother than any other automated parking system. When in operation, the units generate 60-65 dB. To put that into context, an average air conditioning unit generates about 50 dB and the average refrigerator between 30 and 40 dB.

How hard is it to operate Rotary Parking System?

It's very easy to operate the units, thanks to a powerful software and because they are completely automated. Depending on the chosen solution, the system is operated via RFID card, touchpad or keypad.

How long does the warranty for a unit run? offers a 10 year structural warranty and you can look forward to as many as 20 years of use. If you have any other questions, contact PT. Pundit Tekno Nusantara. Rotary Parking System solutions can not only save you money, they can actually make more money for you! You can park more cars in less space, you will have smaller electric bills than with conventional parking and you can use the outer structure as a base for advertising. So act today and start reaping the benefits!